lost in your eyes: a dark fantasy book.

— katherine

Will you choose love? Or will you choose your legacy?

Jan 13, 2023     1825 Views

a specter over kilerth

— yungsam64

A powerful, chaotic specter haunts you. Bandits roam almost unchecked in the woods bordering your village. Dark secrets about your home lurk in the shadows, and there are those who would kill to keep them hidden.

Jan 11, 2023     1339 Views

the strongest writer

— quartz

You are a student who dies and gets reincarnated in the game they created. Explore a world full of bugs, excessive stats, and ambiguous choices. Romance one-dimensional characters, overcome poorly designed challenges, and become The Strongest Writer!

Dec 28, 2022     4493 Views

choice of rebels: stormwright

— havenstone-

Sequel to Choice of Rebels: Uprising. An epic fantasy Work in Progress.

Dec 23, 2022     18630 Views

tales from the seas

— kingmidas

Become the most fiercesome pirate in the Golden Age Of Piracy! ...Or strive to bring an end to this,so called,"Golden Age"! Whatever it is,adventure,glory (and romance if you so wish) awaits!

Nov 06, 2022     2539 Views

reminiscence; memories of eternity

— astralise.ink

“Being both in love and wise, not even the gods can manage that."

Sep 11, 2022     1414 Views

the sole reminscence

— allywolf

You have been thrown into a different world after you died, where nobles and commoners are the status and you are but a lonely wanderer. What evil and secrets lurk within the court? What will you give for a life worth living?

Sep 09, 2022     4986 Views

kingdoms and empires (public demo)

— fatedflame

Kingdoms and Empires is a low Isekai-fantasy setting where the protagonist of the story is customizable by you! You will choose their appearance, personality, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they cope with their mental health!

Sep 09, 2022     1096 Views

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