history 2.0 war simulator

— paladin0308

War Simulator for Possible History's History 2.0 Project

Dec 31, 2023     261 Views

canis canem edit

— emt-fields

You were an Army Ranger. Sworn to protect against all enemies of the United States. But patriotism fades in the wake of truth. Find your path to redemption. As you help topple a terrorist group you were once part of.

Dec 24, 2023     264 Views

lightweaver: chosen

— dakimomoe

You had nothing to live for. But maybe... just maybe, you'll find it at Launwyce Academy. Let's give it a try, shall we? A story of trauma, miracles, friendship, romance, and new beginnings.

Dec 14, 2023     2788 Views

blades in the dark for choicescript

— z.-e.-wayland

A testbed for the Blades in the Dark system for Choicescript.

Dec 06, 2023     265 Views

rise of nation

— luke-

Rise of Nation was a nation-building game as you play as a leader to build your nation. Will you bring prosperity to your nation until it can rival a superpower nation or bankrupt your nation? Your play as leader of your nation. Decided what type of

Nov 19, 2023     274 Views

mirror game sketch 2023

— havenstone-

Halloween Jam 2023, baby.

Oct 31, 2023     460 Views

mirrors of theseus (halloween jam)

— quartz

Are you the same person you were yesterday? How many marks must the passing of time leave for you to consider it a valid question? What must you lose before you're forced to admit the one staring back from the mirror is nothing more than a stranger?

Oct 30, 2023     373 Views

phoenix rising

— otaku_lady89

Embark on a captivating journey through ancient China! Choose your path in a Tang Dynasty-inspired low-fantasy era, as you navigate harem intrigue or seek genuine love.

Sep 19, 2023     4307 Views

save your games here:solution

— libtechmk

If the problem to save and load your games here is still an issue see how you can get it working in this WIP.I figured this is legal so why not do it.

Jul 22, 2023     566 Views

viam ferro - path of steel

— yourwriter

Step into a low-fantasy, semi-realistic world of nuanced shades, where choices shape destiny, and the line between good and evil blurs. In the heart of war's relentless turmoil, battles are but a fraction of its complexity.

Jul 20, 2023     609 Views

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