mind games: trepidation

— bottlecaprabbitgames

A supernatural, horror romance with fantasy and sci-fi elements. You are an Alpha, outlawed by humans, trying to live a normal life among both them and the secret world of supernaturals, when things don't go as planned.

Apr 17, 2023     1161 Views

the aethershroud saga: the world beyond

— kazuma-itsuchi

In a world much like our own, strange occurrences begin to appear. Follow a Battle Junkie turned Defender as an ancient group of immortals decide to test humanity. When a fable turns to fact will you carry the light, or fall to darkness?

Mar 26, 2023     1478 Views

the mage's adventures

— yungsam64

Play the Hosted Game, The Mage's Adventures, with a rewritten climax.

Mar 15, 2023     1341 Views

the cruel guardians

— yungsam64

You are a medieval noble and must contend with a mysterious demon and an anarchist revolution.

Mar 13, 2023     6908 Views

onryo test build

— leinco

As a vigilante in Japan, you work every day to get your revenge on the Busujima Family Yakuza group. But one day, you die. But death is only the beginning...

Mar 08, 2023     6948 Views

estheria: a realm divided - public branch

— zaxwlyde

The Realm lay on the brink of war, that which would rip the very threads asunder. Make your choices. Fight, journey, survive, perish; the choice is yours. Step forth Hero, if you shall answer the challenge.

Mar 07, 2023     7642 Views

the nascent necromancer

— yungsam64

Play the new chapters (Sixteen and on) of the Hosted Game, The Nascent Necromancer.

Jan 26, 2023     1569 Views

new era

— ldnunes

You are a vampire who has been transformed a one year ago ,still struggling to adjust to your new life, and now part of the supernatural community at school. Murders occur ,and they were not caused by humans, even worse that some who died were memb..

Jan 16, 2023     1651 Views

blood legacies

— ldnunes

You are the heirs of one of the most feared houses on the entire continent of El-lar, descended from cruel and powerful leaders and warriors, carrying your family's bloody legacy on your shoulders. Your father's expectations are upon you, demand....

Jan 16, 2023     2739 Views

last dream

— gilbertgallo

An unexpected apocalypse takes you away from your hi-tech metropolis, sending you to a distant world where magic and religion influence everybody's life. Why did you get here? Is there a way back home? Is this reality, or is it just a dream?

Jan 16, 2023     419 Views

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