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— yungsam64

You get fired from your job. Then your car breaks down. On the walk home, you nearly get hit by a meteor. You find a spirit possessing a microphone inside. He wants to make you a rich, famous musician.

Feb 20, 2024     536 Views

as gods fall

— cavus-rex

A god has been murdered and it's your task to find the killer in this action thriller set in the last city of an all original world on the brink of extinction.

Feb 07, 2024     644 Views

lifechanger (14k)

— noeter

Your life as a teacher at a new school. Will not be continued! But a new game will come up so stay tuned!!

Feb 06, 2024     81 Views

tale of two princes

— hexthesquare

Two twin heirs to a feudal Japanese clan do their best to guide their clan through the tumultuous Sengoku Jidai.

Jan 29, 2024     574 Views

knights of venus

— belph

Big stompy robots with squishy people inside.

Jan 28, 2024     1734 Views

verdania: spark

— splatin

Em um universo onde habilidades extraordinárias florescem entre os seres humanos, você é um indivíduo comum, destituído de quaisquer dons sobre-humanos. Flutuando na obscuridade da classe média-baixa, sua vida é regida pela monotonia, com interações

Jan 23, 2024     100 Views

battle system

— valda_reehux

testing codes

Jan 15, 2024     89 Views

the game of war

— the-fanatic

The Game of War is an experimental rogue-like choicescript game taking heavy inspiration from Orc Life Simulator and Path of Martial Arts. With a high fantasy setting, and currently 375 million different starting builds there will always be something

Jan 05, 2024     1138 Views

history 2.0 war simulator

— paladin0308

War Simulator for Possible History's History 2.0 Project

Dec 31, 2023     177 Views

canis canem edit

— emt-fields

You were an Army Ranger. Sworn to protect against all enemies of the United States. But patriotism fades in the wake of truth. Find your path to redemption. As you help topple a terrorist group you were once part of.

Dec 24, 2023     191 Views

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