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save your games here:solution

— libtechmk

If the problem to save and load your games here is still an issue see how you can get it working in this WIP.I figured this is legal so why not do it.

Jul 22, 2023     159 Views

viam ferro - path of steel

— yourwriter

Step into a low-fantasy, semi-realistic world of nuanced shades, where choices shape destiny, and the line between good and evil blurs. In the heart of war's relentless turmoil, battles are but a fraction of its complexity.

Jul 20, 2023     287 Views

life as a ruler::nexus island

— libtechmk

As a yet to become ruler of one of the so called kingdoms of Nexus Island,you have a heavy burden on your shoulder.Your choices will help you build your kingdom as you see fit.One more thing you are believed to be a dragonborn if that is not a myth.

Jul 18, 2023     4289 Views

honor bound wip

— hpowellsmith

Protect an elite boarding school as a military bodyguard! How far will you go for your ambition, your principles, and your country? The latest CoG WIP from the Creme de la Creme series.

Jul 10, 2023     354 Views

a dragon's wish

— serafino

Welcome to A Dragon's Wish, a story in which you, a humble country bumpkin obsessed with dragons, are suddenly thrust into a world of adventure and politics when you are chosen by a wild dragon to be the partner of her unhatched child.

Jul 08, 2023     2008 Views

a tale of heroes

— jjcb

Join a world-renowned team of super-powered figures after unexpectedly gaining abilities of your own. Prepare to face terrorists, cultists, long-grieving legends... and the trauma of the lost.

Jul 03, 2023     4167 Views

wolves of war sfw

— lupusdeus

You were once a regular human living in a small village, but after its destruction, you are turned into a werewolf. After being taken in and cared for, the same threat emerges to take everything from you once again. However, there is something darker

Jun 22, 2023     571 Views

eye candy

— l.elizwrites

A game about a young woman trying to make it in LA with nothing but her charms and good looks. Will she become the mistress of a CFO, or trudge back home in shame?

May 29, 2023     786 Views

vss1: defense of the port city

— irontriangle

Your actions will determine the fate of all of Valoria. Will you defend the city of Port Brakish, claim the city for yourself, or betray your home and help the Kingdom of Pastoria win its prize? The choice is yours.

May 13, 2023     207 Views

the wars we wage

— mah_sanogo

After dying an unfair death from the hand of a crazy coworker, you see yourself reincarnated in an alternate world where magic, and different races exist. But careful, the path to your freedom is far from over, for life is a right you fight for.

May 06, 2023     443 Views

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